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Which is Worse; Rod Blagojevich Attempting to Sell a Seat in the Senate or Tom Harkin Creating the Super Committee?

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Rod Blagojevich


By PolitiAC Editors

Rod Blagojevich had a very simple job to do; fill an empty Senate seat. It should have taken Governor Blagojevich no more than five minutes to make one of three easy choices; appoint someone qualified, appoint an old friend, or appoint someone who is both. In an impressive display of bad judgment Rob Blagojevich tried to broker a deal for a Senate seat; essentially putting our system of government up for sale to the highest bidder.

When the Super Committee (the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) was created on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 with the help of Senator Tom Harkin the choices were even simpler because the option wasn't available. Never before in U.S. history had a congressional committee been given legislative powers. The Super Committee violated the U.S. Constitution because the 12 legislators on the committee were empowered to exert authority over all Americans while only being accountable to the constituents in their States and districts. Most of the 12 members on the committee have a zip code wall on their Website that prohibits people from outside of their State or district from contacting them online. The Super Committee has succeeded in shutting millions of Americans out of representation in Congress, cut them out of the political process, and attempted to silence their voices. The U.S. Constitution establishes that every citizen is to have representation in the U.S. Congress in order to insure accountability to the American people. Every American is to have two Senators in the Senate and one Representative in the House who are accountable to them. The creation of the Super Committee brazenly ignored the U.S. Constitution.

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In the Rod Blagojevich case, the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama was on the market. In the case of the Super Committee a Republic that stood for over 230 years was dismantled and taken away from the majority of Americans. On Wednesday, December 07, 2011 Mr. Blagojevich was handed a sentence of 14 years in Federal prison. What would a fair sentence be for the founding father of the Super Committee and those who willingly participated?

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